Freitag, 20. November 2009

Start-up furchteinflößend einfach

Geschäftsmöglichkeiten zu erkennen und umsetzen zu können gehört zu den wichtigsten Fähigkeiten eines Unternehmensgründers. Erfolgreich ohne Businessplan waren viele, zuletzt Chad Hurley als Mitgründer und CEO von youtube.

Im September 2009 ist in den USA ein praxisbezogenes und gut geschriebenes Buch zu diesem kardinalen Erfolgsfaktor erschienen:

In diesem Buch werden sechs grundlegende Vorgehensweisen beschrieben:

Build a vivid vision. Having a clear, vivid, and compelling vision in your head is without question an essential component in building a successful company. But that's not good enough. The vision has to be documented and communicated in a way that makes it vivid to every member of your team, your customers, and your investors.
Team with the best people. The best people are highly talented and motivated individuals who are also masters of collaboration. The future of your startup is directly tied to the quality of talent you can attract and keep. You must create a winning culture that people love.

Practice robust communication. Open, honest, frank, and courageous communication, both inside and outside the organization, is critical. The key skills can be learned, and include deep listening, logic versus emotion, and reading body language. According to Spence, this is the biggest problem he has to deal with in client organizations worldwide.

Cultivate a sense of urgency. Get things done. A fast, agile, adaptable organization makes the important things happen now. Urgency is allergic to bureaucracy. Reward fast action. You set the model for your startup. You become what you focus on and become like the people you spend time with.

Enforce disciplined execution. Build a performance-oriented culture that demands quality in every operation, encourages continuous innovation, and refuses to tolerate mediocrity. Most organizations execute only 10 to 15 percent of their major goals. Do a periodic effectiveness audit to check your operation. Then fix it.

Show extreme customer focus. Put feedback mechanisms in place to know that you are consistently delivering what customers truly value. Attitude and listening are the keys. Superior customer focus can drive as much as an 85 to 104 percent increase in your profitability.

Auf seiner Homepage bietet John Spence weitere Materialien an.

Awesomely Simple kostet bei Amazon jetzt 19,99 €.

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